AK Girls Trip 2018 | The Highs & The... Even More Highs


I wanted to do a big year in review post like I used to do (I even rainbow-color-coded them! Oh the luxury of spare time!), but when it came down to doing it… all I keep wanting to talk about is the Girls Trip we did in December. Not that the rest of my year was meaningless - it was actually amazing- but the trip we took in December was so incredible to me.

The whole idea of the week was get people together that wanted to make new friendships and have a lot of fun together. And when the actual week arrived, I (nervously!) showed up to meet 31 other women who had, almost all, flown across the ocean for this trip. I felt so embarrassed and shy- just having everyone there was such an overwhelming compliment. But once we started talking, any awkwardness I was feeling was gone and the party had started. 


We spent the week adventuring around the Cotswolds, sleeping like princesses in the poshest manors & hotels, chatting and watching British holiday chick flicks as we drove around in a giant private coach, cozying up together and playing stupid games in pubs in York, closing down restaurants after dinners and making so many great memories. Everyone on the trip had a place- regardless of how different we might have been. We connected with people that came from where we did. We make friends with others who were in similar life stages. We just…. Well, we just all got along because it was a stress-free week doing awesome things with nice people.


So many people have written and asked if I plan to do another trip next Christmas. I hope so! I’m just taking these trips one at a time. If people are eager to come, I’ll keep doing them. I price them as cheap as I can do make it affordable for anyone that wants to come… though the price is built for comfort. We kinda live like royalty on those trips, because I think that is what a vacation should feel like. So the answer is, I’m doing the summer girls trip and the couples trip. Beyond that, I don’t know. I’m just enjoying this for what it is now.

But the dream? Well the dream would be to have both all three of these as yearly staples. Not only for people that want to come, but I’d love for it to be repeat people that come back year after year. How fun would it be to have your little group of people that you have a standing date with every year? I love traditions and I love the idea of that. So that is the dream I have. We’ll have to see how it goes… but I just have to tell you, if they all continue on like the first, I’m gonna feel pretty lucky.

But now on to the good stuff…. More pictures.


I mean, look at all of these happy people.


Come on and be one of them. Join the Southern France trip that we are doing this summer from June 15-21. All you have to do is meet us in Paris and we have the rest figured out. It’s going to be amazing, and I could sell you on the logistics of why… but the truth is, its going to be amazing because of the people. This community has nice/fun/lovely women that are behind it and being a part of it in person is too good to miss!

If you went on the trip, go ahead and sign the virtual yearbook below in the comments section. I want to hear the best moment of the trip for you and, duh, the best thing you ate!

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy