Little London | Peggy Porschen, Kings Road

The other day, I was invited to the launch of The Grace Tales’ new book Grace Mothers: Letters to Our Children at Anthropologie. I didn’t know much about the book before going, but I have to say- it really is a special collection of letters from mothers to their children alongside stunning photography. (Which isn’t surprising, after I went and met many of the pretty faces behind it and heard about their careers at Vogue Australia and UK before venturing into motherhood…) The book is seriously gorgeous and, had Edie not woken up from her nap in a state of sweaty fury, I would have bought one… but instead, I hauled buns towards the door and paid for a much-needed candle quicker than you can say “CAPRI BLUE VOLCANO!” (Which are, actually, my very favourite candles in the world, and having a new one in my house has made my week so much more lovely, I feel slightly embarrassed to admit it to you.)

So anyway, there I was- fresh on the Kings Road with a wide-eyed toddler awake from her nap. She wanted to walk, so we toddled down a block or so and then I saw the new Peggy Porschen glowing ahead of me like a pink oasis in the desert. Well, I didn’t actually know it was the NEW Peggy Porschen, because I didn’t realise there was a new one being opened up, but when I saw that pretty pink facade- I knew it was a Peggy Porschen and I knew we now had plans for where to go next.


Now, let’s be honest: Peggy Porschen is super famous for its pink facade covered in flowers. I’ve been before, I like it, but it has EXPLODED with Instagram fame and the experience there now… well, it’s less than charming with a million people flocking out the front waiting to get a clean shot of their cupcake without people walking by. Going there now feels less like a pink, Sofia Coppola-like experience and more like a Pepto-Bismol-inducing process. 


Needless to say, to roll into this new location with a smattering of empty tables, happy staff and plenty of space to take my stroller- well, I was pretty feeling it! This is what I’m talking about, Peggy. Good for you for making a second location so more people can enjoy your lovely shop! And thank you for all the extra seating in your new shop. 


We got a piece of the classic Victoria sponge to share. Except, Edie wouldn’t actually share it with me. She yelled and cried every time I took a bite. Or tried to take bite.

Eventually, she gave up and let me have some, but it was pretty funny and I couldn’t help but laugh each time she squawked at me in horror. (Again, thank goodness it was so empty!) 


I don’t often get a day out on the town alone with my Edie girl, and we both were loving the time together. My sweet little baby is getting bigger and smarter by the day. I wish I could freeze time a bit to these days… but I can’t, so instead, I blog them all here. 


But I’ve got to say, I can’t wait to take the other kids back there on little dates. It was the perfect spot to sit in the sun, drink jasmine tea and eat pretty (and expensive) tea. But you know, at the right places and moments- it is worth paying £6.50 for a slice of pretty pink cake. And I have to say that our trip to the new Peggy Porschen was worth every penny.


PEGGY PORSCHEN, CHELSEA | 219 King's Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 5EJ | OPEN EVERY DAY 8AM-8PM

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*images original to Aspiring Kennedy