My Paris | Cafe Loustic

The last time we moved to Paris for a few months for work, we found a great apartment to live in for the time right around from the Pompidou. Poor us, right? We had some great memories in that apartment: sunny weekend mornings cooking breakfast for all of our students, late nights working in the loft, making friends with the woman living in the apartment across from us and, over time, becoming a client of hers for shiatsu massages (I specialise in making the weirdest friendships, in case you were wondering), and so many days enjoying the natural light pouring through the windows that seem to be a part of the building code of all Parisian homes. 

It was a happy place for us, and we had some sweet memories as a family. In the mornings, Tyler & I would walk out the main door of the apartment onto the street and start our walk towards work. Luckily, right outside our door, was Cafe Loustic. A coffee shop that we thought was just a local gem, perfectly located out of our front door. Now that we have moved away, we see people and publications chatting about Cafe Loustic all the time, and we realise just how lucky we really were to have it so close by.


Especially on the days they had their donuts in. Oh man, I loved those things.

But anyway, the coffee is great. The location is fun and cute- just tucked onto a quiet, normal street (“our street!”), and the tiny little tables make it the perfect little date spot to start your day. In fact, you can watch our walk to work that I made and see us there in the morning! I love those little videos. They’re like time capsules of our lives and I’m so glad to have them.


So if/when you head to Paris, stop by Cafe Loustic for some REALLY GOOD coffee and one of our favourite places to start our day together in Paris. I recommend a messy top knot,  some drugstore red lipstick and a good oversized scarf to really set the scene.

CAFE LOUSTIC | 40 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris | @cafeloustic

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*images original to Aspiring Kennedy by Noah Darnell