Lay Me Down in Sheets of Linen


For the longest time, I had no clue what that line in “Tiny Dancer” was saying. “Lay me darlin, she’s so … Lennon?” It made no sense to me. Then I saw it written down one day and it all clicked. Ha! I’m sure you all have some hilarious lyric misunderstandings, too. (Please, share them with me below!!) But anyway, as a long-time Elton John fan, I’ve always since wanted to have linen bedding to feel like that tiny dancer.

And now that l live in London during the summer without air conditioning, I really understand the appeal of them.

With a bit of spring-cleaning frenzy in us, Tyler & I recently tackled a deep clean on our room. It was a bit Marie Kondo, it was a bit rearranging the furniture to open it up, it was a bit moving out the baby gear that I still had in my nightstand from having Edie’s bassinet up here when she was little and sleeping in our room. (And yes, she is almost two, so it was probably well past time to do a clean-out.) We ended up with bags filled for the charity shops and made some much welcomed space in the house. Why does it feel good to have everything so clean when the weather gets nice? I think it’s because with the return of sunshine, you can see all the dust that’s piled up over the winter. That’s my unofficial theory. 


And while we were at it, our bed got a little revamp, too. We gladly packed away the winter comforter that had been, needless to say, feeling a bit oppressive in the warmer nights. We moved our lighter comforter on, because I love the weight of a heavy blanket, and got a soft, linen duvet cover for it.

Magic Linen is an adorable company that makes linen bedding in nearly every (pretty) shade you can imagine. While they have a big selection of styles and colours, the overall aesthetic is clean and most all could work in our home. They gifted me a few pieces- the comforter and pillow shams- but I’m thinking the next step will be for us to buy some of their linen sheets to complete the linen loveliness for the summer. (The price of not waking up sweaty is one I am willing to pay!)


With our room getting a little facelift, it’s making me excited to work on some other areas of our house. I think next up is going to be our middle floor with some bedroom arranging. It may just be time to move Edie’s crib out from between the play kitchen and sofa in our playroom and upgrade her to an official bedroom. (And yes, again, she is almost two… but as a third child myself, I can only say things build character.)

Find the full range of Magic Linen’s lovely bedding on their site, and while you’re there- it’s worth peeking around the rest of their lovely home textiles. This kitchen apron of theirs is on my wish list! They are a European company, but ship around the world so anyone can enjoy their lovely wares in their homes, too.

Thanks, Magic Linen, for these gorgeous threads for our bed. It’s the perfect swap for us—both in weather and style!


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*Products gifted. Opinion and review are done on my own initiative.