Lens Craft

Good photography, to me,
is when someone is talented enough
to familiarize me with a random scene.

For instance,
this pleasant diner in West Virgina.
with the most delicious waffles.
{that I never tasted...}

Or that one night on the roof
when we drank the entire bottle of wine
{on top of a building I've never seen...}

Who cares if you didn't get the job?
You're still gorgeous & talented.
{well, I could know for sure if we actually knew each other}

That's why I love Victoria Wall's photography.

Her pictures set the scene for a story,
and I get to be cast in the plot.

I love finding new photographers.
Who are your favorites?

*photography by Victoria Wall. The uber talent Brooklyn Betty who never ceases to impress me with her ability to live on cheeseburgers & stay effortlessly thin.