Prince of Hearts

I grew up in the
hopeful generation of girls
that distantly loved
Prince William.

I had this poster
of his face (above)
hanging in my room
for all of middle school.

He just always seemed so nice
and well dressed,
didn't he?

And I guess the title of "Prince"
might have added to the enchantment.

A few years ago,
I had my childhood dreams
come to a harsh end.

{enter: Kate Middleton}

They fell in love...
and "rumour" has it,
wedding bells are ringing
in the near future.

It's hard to be too bitter though.

They just look so happy together.
Smitten, if you will.

And, we know that pretty babies are in order
so will at least give us something to
drool over in the tabloids.

But just remember, William,
I loved you first.