Spoiled. Absolutely. Rotten... and loving it!

Somedays you just get spoiled,
and other days,
you get spoiled rotten.

Today, I experienced the latter.

Yes, I got absolutely spoiled rotten
when this
STUNNING arrangement
of sunken orchids
arrived this morning.

How does a lady accept such a gift?

I bragged to all my friends.
I texted a picture to my mother.
I called Mr. Wonderful,
and reminded him of the art form of sending flowers.
Then I just sat at my desk and smiled
like an idiot
for an hour or so.

This is the beautiful work of
my favorite florist-

These ladies can do to roses,
what Michaelangelo did to paint.
Call them, and let them create something wonderful for you!

How can I adequately express my thanks?

*these photos were taken by Aspiring Kennedy herself, thank you.