Mama Mia...

Right now,
Mr. & Mrs. Aspiring Kennedy 
are blissfully happy
living the DINK life.

{DINK = Duel Income/ No Kids}

There's not much you could do 
to convince us to give up 
vacations, sleeping in, &
our beloved white {fabric} couches.

It's just a really nice time in our lives.

 as every single one of my friends are pregnant,
I am getting full exposure to baby gear...

{isn't my friend, Kellee, a cute pregnant mama?}

...And these are a few items that could get me to
change my mind,
throw out the pill, 
and have a darling baby,
  but only if it's a girl, of my own.

This Marc Jacobs Swimsuit is adorable.

{I have high hopes for my child's future with Juilliard.}

Why, of course,
 Baby Kennedy 
will have this miniature Eames chair in their nursery!

Mommies (and future moms):
share your favorite finds with us!

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