Alluring Kennedy: JFK. Jr

Good morning! This is Laura 1/2 of the writers of the men's fashion blog, Something Legit.

Sweet Aspiring Kennedy & I bond over many things.
 In this bonding, the topic of a well-dressed man comes up often. 

Who is the Aspiring Kennedy man? Where does he travel? 
Most importantly, what is he wearing?

{Mrs. Aspiring Kennedy has already found her charming Mr. Kennedy, but why not dream...}

Hello Beautiful

{image source}

John Kennedy Jr. 
One of the most iconic gentleman of the late 20th Century
{Plus, a jawline no one could ever forget.}


Alluring Kennedy Hits the Streets

Alluring Kennedy, The Romantic
Oh so romantic in nothing better than a Tom Ford tux. 

Aspiring Kennedy Editorial Note: This blog entry makes me oh-so-happy. Why wouldn't I love a fashion feature on JFK Jr? Laura is a great friend, the best taste, and wow- can she spot some men's fashion. You must check out her blog, Something Legit. {It's the blog that made me dream of starting my own blog... seriously.}