Blog Swap with Helena, A Diary of Lovely.

*Sorry if this blog is posting for the second time for you. I'm having technical difficulties... with my brain. 

It's my first blog swap, and I'm really excited to be doing it here at beautiful Lauren's Aspiring Kennedy, while Lauren is sharing her My Stuff over at my blog. Oh sorry! hi there, I'm Helena from A Diary of Lovely. Mrs. Aspiring Kennedy will soon be an expat in the UK, in Oxford and I thought it would be nice to share some of the most beautiful places to spend a couple of days and what to pack. Oxfordshire is famed for its Universities but also for its classic British beauty, Lauren is a lucky lady! The greens are incredible and the history is terrific.

What to pack? Chic and comfy. Get some nice books and enjoy the relaxing time.

Thank you Lauren, so happy to be here today!!