How do you function?

I love blogger land.

It's so lovely here, isn't it?

I've connected with some great people
through my daily interactions here.

Each morning, I connect with the sweetest acquaintances 
from London, Toronto, Los Angeles, Dallas, Sydney,  Tampa...
{You name the place- and I bet there's a blogger I would like writing there!}

But here's the deal-
There's so much more to this Aspiring Kennedy outside this website...

... and I love learning more about you!

So on this Monday morning,
{when we would all rather be anywhere else in the world than our desks...}
I'm throwing out the 
slightly personal question:

What do you do?

I've been working with a great stationer doing sales & public relations
 since I graduated from college, 
and I just resigned to move to England with my husband
that is probably too good looking to be with me I adore.

So there. That's something personal about me.

And now it's your turn.

What's your role in the real world?