Between the Covers

Let me share a secret with you:

{it's not a very dirty one, but none the less, a good one...}

Books make the greatest gifts.

 $40 will buy me a gorgeous book  
on any subject
that might catch the recipient's fancy...

from Italian fashion houses
to iconic roadsters

from men's watches
to modern boutique hotels...

I can buy the same thing for everyone-
on a topic that is individually specific.

My favorite place to grab a book is

{Nest always has great on-line deals! I love to shop their site.}

So if it was your birthday, 
and I'm picking a book for you-
what dream topic would be bound inside?

{I'd be hoping for a thicky, glossy book of
 George Clooney 
lounging in linen 
around his 
Lake Como Villa.}

*image source 1 & 2