Bollywood Dreams

We have to hand it to the Brits.

They've introduced us to many good things:

sparkling water, jet engines, stainless steel, rubber bands, Hugh Grant....

So, it comes at no surprise that upon moving here, 
England has enlightened me to another amazing find-

Indian Food

Oh, I love Indian food now.

Thank you, England, for the introduction.

In fact, tonight,
I even tried my hand at this Real Simple recipe
for chicken curry...


...and it was pretty tasty.

So in honor of my Eastern-korma-making-friends,
here are some Indian inspirations that are on my mind:

Darjeeling Teapot
by Jonathan Adler

Two's Company Ceramic Stool.

And, of course...

Mindy Kaling

{who's techincally Indian-American,  but ever since the Diwali episode on The Office... }


Mindy is another one of my imaginary best friends.

We just have so much in common.

If we were friends, I bet 
We would love to go get fro-yo together, laugh and watch old movies,
and constantly text hilarious daily happening to each other.

MK: This scraggly lady in the other dressing room next to me at Barney's just totally farted.
AK: Ah. No way. You should just whisper- "I'll never tell...." haha.

Anyway, you get the idea.
Just normal girl talk.


But seriously- she's super cute.
I love her toothless little smile.

But back to the main point:

Do you guys like Indian food? 

Tell me what all I need to try to become a pro!