No butts about it.

The fanny pack. The hip pack. The bum bag.

LV makes one. Marc Jacobs makes one. Prada make one. Gucci makes one.

Butt why?
{pun highly intended.}


The even more confusing part to this asinine accessory 
 is when beautiful style icons
sporadically click one around their svelte selves
 and send the masses into utter chaos.


When I see pictures like these,
my internal monologue starts reading error codes:

 Is a fanny pack the new headband? Does the upper east side condone hip packs? 
When did these get called from the fashion bench
from the other losers like the visor, overalls, & double stacked socks? Help!

You tell me: 
what do you think of fanny packs?

Do you rock them-
or knock them?

*image sources 2 & 3

**Wish us a safe flight this morning as TK & I head back to Oxford from Italy.