Garten of Eatin'

Yesterday was an unforgettable day in London.

In sunny weather, we toured 
The Tower of London...
and before our dinner reservations 
decided to squeeze in a spin on the London Eye.

As we approached the London Eye,
what did I spy?

Five minutes of bliss chatting with the lovely dame de domestication, Ina Garten

The one & only 
Ina Garten,

Please, at this moment, 
pause & consider 
the Aspiring Kennedy's two loves in life...

Luxe Northeastern Living 
 {Hampton homesteads  flocked with hydrangeas and marble countertops}
{made with butter & herbs that remind you of summers spent overseas}

When Ina Garten steps into the kitchen,
these two worlds collide...
and we're all better because of it.

If you & I were to sit down for coffee
together this morning,
I would spew off 20 minutes
of intense-but-scattered-dialogue of
how amazing it was to talk to
Ina, her cutie director, & amazingly generous producer...
and how I have no doubt
we could all be the best of friends.

But I won't put you through that.

Instead, I'll simply tell you this:
there are things in the works for later
regarding Ms. Ina Garten.

And I can't wait to get them 
to all my sweet friends at 
Aspiring Kennedy!