Christmas Countdown: Baby Talk!

All my friends have babies.

Or are in the process of birthing them.
{like literally... due at any second!}

I couldn't be more excited
for these little ones to be around...
the more the merrier, right?

But all this means,
my shopping list
has plenty of the PG crowd to consider...

From baby to big kid-
here are some fresh picks 
that will keep you on 
your munchkin's "Nice" list...

Ruka Ruka Custom Birth Day Print {girl shown}/ £25.00 Salvador Dali coloring book- Nest Dallas/ $8.95
Airflow Collectibles, Sky King Plane- Gilt Groupe/ $300.00 Trumpettes Nordic Baby Socks {3 pairs}, Gilt Groupe/ $11.00
Baby Life glass bottle {pink}/ $14.49