Emma Watson. Family Affairs.

It's a well known fact on this blog
that I really like Emma Watson.

So naturally,
I've been pouring over her cover piece 
for December's VOGUE UK.

It seems that famed photog,
Mario Testino,
was channeling her doe eyes & cropped do
to pull together a Twiggy-esque shoot.

And it's amazing.

While reading celeb gossip researching the shoot
I learned that Emma's younger brother, 
Alex Watson,
is making his way into the spotlight.

He was even brought into her Burberry ad campaign.

 Mario Testino also made these images of the starlet...
yet, I feel that the mood of this series is a bit more vague to me.

Maybe he was envisioning:

"A British family checks into a French hotel...
and the brooding little brother is forced into
carrying his famous older sister's bags up the elevator?"

Because if he wasn't, 
he did a great job accomplishing it.

I'm off to pick up my dress for this evening.
We have a white-tie Christmas Ball!
{white tie = tuxes with tails}

Fire eaters, an ice skating rink in the quad, nine bands, 
& a whole room dedicated to sweets...
plus the promise of snow?

I'm so excited- I might join Ms. Watson and start jumping on my bed.