Gwyneth Paltrow: Aspiring Parton?

My initial reaction to Gwyneth Paltrow
dipping her toes into the country music scene was,
to be frank,
a bit defensive.... 

Yes, this Texas girl got a little riled up 
thinking about that Nordic-ish-New-York-City girl
parading around at the CMAs...

Then I realized that my blog is named
Aspiring Kennedy...
and maybe it's not too harmful 
to want to play dress up in another world,
 far away from the land you live in.

Suddenly, my feelings for GP at the CMA's
moved from prickly to pudding.

I mean, afterall...
it does take a lot of courage to debut your talent 
standing up in front of the industry's best.

And she actually did great. 
Look how cute she is!

And not just anyone could pull of that flesh-bearing Versace toga gown.

{Thank you, vegan-shake detox diets & personal trainer, Tracey Anderson.}

And besides,
it's probably inevitable that after so many years of us being best friends,
my Dallas roots would start to rub off on her...

Watch the performance here, and weigh-in below...