Souvenir Stylings: Canary Islands

Hello again!

Beth Dotolo, from Hello, Splendor, here... 
Aspiring Kennedy's faithful interior designer.

Do you remember how faithful??

Yes, that's right, so faithful...
 I work for free!

Well, Mr. & Mrs. Aspiring Kennedy
are back from a brief jet set
to the Canary Islands.

For this souvenir styling edition, 
I wanted to give them a small reminder
of their blissful getaway!
Not everything has to be so literal...

So, we're introducing a hint of canary yellow! 

Let's give them just a pop...

A hint to remind them of their quick trip to the Canary Islands...

Because don't we all need 
a small reminder
of our escapes?

How do you keep your vacation alive 
when you come back to the real world?

Aspiring Kennedy's 
Faithful Interior Designer,

Beth Dotolo