Water Works

I'm not a celebrity.
 I'm just an Aspiring Kennedy.

My days of paid endorsements are still far out.

Maybe someday I'll be as cool as Ms. Aniston
and get my mug on a Smart Water campaign.

I think I'd be good at talking about water...
because I really like it.

In fact, I drink it everyday...
but it's nothing I want to keep exclusive.

That's why when I saw this initiative
to build this water well-
I got excited.

These precious students have donated $3800 towards a $5000 goal.

And it made me think:
if students can do that,
what could bloggers like us do?

If half of the people that visit Aspiring Kennedy today
250 people will have a water well.

That means those people can drink clean water,
which means they won't get sick as often,
which means their children won't be as prone to childhood death,
... and all that means: their lives will better.

What will $5 mean for me?
1'll have one less cream tea this week.

If you are a blogger and donate to this water well,
let me know, I'll give you a month of free advertising.

Because if I can't be a poster child,
I'd be happy to have you be one in my place.