Well Done

Last week, 
I got an email...
which made me write a post...
that caused a spark
in so many of you.

Five days later,

Bloggers all over the world
are spreading the word about

and be able to not tell your friends how great it is!

from finishing a well in Africa
that will provide clean water 
for 250 people.

This will change their lives.

All it means for you is $5.

We are asking you to trade 
a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, one happy hour,
...or whatever "your drink" may be.

For one day.

So that together, 
the blogging community 
can give 250 people a chance
to drink clean water.

For the rest of their lives.

So that this....

can become this...

And that
is a project we're calling:

Join us by donating $5 here.

 Then grab our the blog graphic-
and spread the word.

We would love to have you join alongside us!

*email aspiringkennedy@gmail.com for the html blog button code