Kennedy Family Heritage

Whether you inherited a rich history, 
or have created one for future generations-
isn't it amazing to be a part of a story bigger than yourself?

Having your mom's crooked toes,
inheriting your grandfather's passion for science,
or a French last name that has forever left you a Francophile...

And obviously, being named after someone is a fantastic way to continue a legacy.

My parent's didn't name me for 6 weeks.
{which I think is hilarious.... yes, I am the middle child}

but when they did, my middle name came from this man, Landon Saunders.
{Who's incredible... and later officiated our wedding ceremony}.

Were you named after anyone, 
or did you name your child after someone special?

These family trees are pretty way to keep your predecessors legacy in a prominent position...
unless you are already doing that with Aunt Tina's nose.

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