Little Black Book: Stratvs Vineyard

When we went to the Canary Islands,
we stumbled upon someplace extraordinary.

{And I've been dying to share it with you ever since.}

In the midst of an island full of camels & volcanic debris, lies 
a vineyard growing in lava fields.

Following in Canarian tradition,
this vineyard does not have man made water sources to their grapes.

No water line, no sprinklers, nothing.

The volcanic rock is so porous
 that it absorbs enough humidity and rain water to keep the grapes hydrated.

The roots crawl through the layers of earth 
until they find a home that is quenches it's thirst.

{Isn't that incredible?}

All the farming for the grapes 
is done in methods that have been practiced on the Canary Islands 
for hundreds of years.

However, once those grapes are cut-
they quickly warp
 from Flinstone-style farming to Jetson-esque production 
in one of the world's most modern wine facilities.

With all modern machinery & techniques,
Stratvs has perfected the art of making wine.

You will walk through all the machinery, aging, & bottling plant-
 until at last, 

And then you get to taste it.

you are in for a treat.

Have you ever been to a winery?
Did you like the experience? 
{ Or do you prefer to enjoy the art from your own patio? }