Monday Moods: I feel... Jostled.

After my own version of 
trains, planes, & automobiles...
we made it home for
Christmas Eve!

And the best part?

Getting upgraded for our flight home.

for the best Christmas present.

 Our flight turned into an experience we typically try 
to black out through from buckle to buckle 


Menus offering fillets & fine wine,
enormous crystal goblets of Ben & Jerry's, 
fully flat beds, 
on demand movies,
enormous bathrooms, 
& leaving with new best friends in the flight crew... 

{I'm sure a Kennedy would be non-chalant about flying first class-
but I can only claim to aspire to such cool behavior!}

Have you ever been upgraded?

And if so, how did you ever go back to coach?
{Xanax, Ambien... ???}