Blog Crawl: It's in the bag!

Ever since Ashley asked me to be in her blog crawl,
I've been trying to think of a great way to set this post up.

Who doesn't love a good glossy mag's feature
of a celeb's spilled bag chocked full of
 La Mer moisturizer, Fendi sunglasses, & matchboxes from exotic hotels?

 I would have loved to create some gorgeous piece
that shows an edited & posh peek in my life...

but seeing as how the person 
I actually am 
got in late from our trip from Italy
because Ryan Air is completely absurd....
this was the best I could do:

thank you mr. ak for the candid shot...
A photo shoot on the train in from the airport.

Cause that's how I roll, baby.

Super classy.

But, hey, that's who I actually am... 
and this is what I actually have in my purse:

First things first:
Command Central
{my wallet}

I love this Michael Kors wallet
because it can hold boarding passes, passports, 
all types of currency... and a squillion credit cards & loyalty cards.

{like my 3 completed cards to Moo Moo's Milkshake Shack.}

Next up:
My brain food.

Ok... maybe it's junk brain food, 
but any kind of reading counts as brain exercise, right?

Plus I love Sophie Kinsella/ Madeleine Wickham 
for better or worse.
in sickness & in health.
as long as we both shall live...

Oh, and my notebook.
I commute to London several days a week 
and I pen my thoughts/doodles/future blog topics here.

The Essentials.

I live in England. This contraption goes everywhere with me.

My eyesite has gone to crap.
{and when I say "crap," please re: overdramatic.}

YSL lipgloss & Blistex... 
don't mess with this combo. 

Because this whole island is always short on supply of them.

and the unsung hero,
the wind beneath my wings:
my iPhone... 
{who took all of these pictures!}

Thanks, Ashley, for asking me to be a part of the blog crawl-
and thanks, Christa of C Jane Create for passing the torch on to Aspiring Kennedy!

I can't wait to see what Carla has in store tomorrow
as she carries on the blog crawl at her site: Paper Clippings of a Wandering Artist!