Camelot Comes No More.

I received an email last night 
from a friend
that made me terribly sad.

It was this link that announced 
the cancellation to the 
controversial A&E mini series,
The Kennedys.

With a cast with as many stars
as the American flag,
{lead roles by Katie Holmes & Greg Kinnear}
the network has decided that the representation
is not a good fit it's brand.

Already produced? 
Going to waste?


It's like having a wrapped package under the tree
{that you've already peeked to find its fabulous}...
and getting tossed in the trash on Christmas eve.

Here's the trailer below... 
It looked so good.

I think we should be able to vote on the fate of this movie.

{Because those in favor, of seeing it air, would be... I.}