Oxford English Dictionary- Volume 1

Today kicks off a new series:
The Oxford English Dictionary

You'll learn some quaint cultural gems
that are specific to British life,
through my mishaps & daily stumblings
here in Oxford.

There are actually so many new things I've learned...
and if you are an Aspiring Brit,
like myself,
I think you'll find it this series to be
well... brilliant!


A rustic meal that features local daily staples...

Local meats, hunks of cheese, fresh crusty bread,
butter & chutney for spreading,
& a nice serving of fruits & veggies.

Delicious right?

Think of it as the love child of 
a deconstructed sandwich
a less pretentious anti-pasti platter.


It's become such a pub staple, 
that you'll now even see many offerings of the assortment
assembled as a sandwich
in restaurants & cafes...

I'm glad to have learned a fresh alternative
to heavy pies & mash 
or greasy fish & chips!