If I Were In Paris, I Would... Vol 11

I'm not sure what's better:
the fact that it's Saturday,
the fact that I'm on the chunnel with my best friends right now...
or the fact that we have lovely Elizabeth blogging
from Pretty Pink Tulips today.
{Elizabeth is one of my FAVORITE blogger friends!}

If I Woke Up In Paris, I Would...

If I woke up in Paris.....I would head to the Sculpture Garden at the Musee Rodin! 

Along the way, I would stop first at Cafe de Flore for a little cafe crema and excellent people watching.

Visiting the Rodin was one of the highlights of our Paris trip last year. 

Even my 6 year old son loved it....had to have his picture in front of all the sculptures!

There's no other city like Paris. Hope you're having a magical time, Lauren! 

xo Elizabeth