Women's Day For Beginners

Today is 

{In fact, it is the 100th anniversary of the holiday.}

I've really only seen this holiday celebrated in Europe,
but I think it's time the US got in on the celebration.

So if you are new to the holiday,
let me give you a few easy hints 
for getting in the spirit
of this fine day.

I'll be flexing my right to vote by picking a movie for tonight
Meet up with friend and chat up way to get involved with women's voting rights

Eat some girl food, like Ina Garten's curried pasta.

Flex the skills that your mama gave ya. Mine isn't baking, but I'm trying hard to master it.

Today is a celebration of the women who fought for women's voting rights.
This isn't a right for all women in the world...

"The victims of injustice in our world
do not need our spasm of passion;
they need our long obedience in the same direction.
They need our legs and lungs of endurance."

Our generation can be the generation
that changes future of so many.

So enjoy the day, 
and join the fight!

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