The Big Day.

It's here.

(Well, THE big day is actually tomorrow.)

But today I leave for London
to kick off this Royal Wedding.

I wish I were actually going to the ceremony,
but staying in a flat literally 50 yards from the Abbey doors
isn't such a bad set up either.

(I really love this website for finding GREAT places to stay.)

The media coverage has been crazy 
and it seems like now everyone wants talking about
how tired they are hearing about the royal wedding...
but honestly-
I don't buy it.

How could anyone be sick of Royal Wedding anything?

We all secretly love it.

The Royal Family was the first reality family for the world.
We are all curious to watch them partake in milestone events,
and the fact that William is marrying a "regular" girl, just like any of us,  
makes it all the more intriguing.

My friend, Julie, sent me this article from NY Mag
that explains the inner rankings of the English upper crust
and Kate's cold welcome into Britain's higher tier.

Come on, admit it.
The Royal Wedding isn't "over" yet...
the fun is just beginning!

While you are at it...
go ahead and admit that these Will & Kate items are pretty funny.

fridge | crown jewel condoms | pez | tea bags | eleni's cookies

I'll be tweeting from the streets of Westminster for the next day.

Follow along for my pics, shots, and all the other hilarity that is sure to abound.

How are you celebrating tomorrow?
Or are you "over it?"