Decorate This Space!

As you may have noticed,
I'm not exactly an interiors blogger.

I mean, I blog from inside everyday....
but other than that,
I leave the design work to the professionals.

Why would I try to compete with all the amazing decor blogs out there
when I could blog about completely random things?

Today though,
I get to design my dream space.

I'm not going to call it a mood board,
or an inspiration board,
or anything other than
"How I would decorate my house... if money wasn't an option."

{Sidenote: I really wish it wasn't sometimes.}

Thank you Jillian,
the sweet lady behind Cornflake Dreams
 for inviting me to participate in your fun blog crawl,
and thanks to Kristin of Ten Scenic Drive 
for passing on the blog crawl this way.

grey velvet sofa | jonathan adler capri pillow 

Well... how did I do?

Would you come over for tea?

Pop on to Styles 'n Cream tomorrow
when Rali continues our
 Decorate This Space blog crawl!