Why I Love: Roald Dahl

As you may have noticed,

Serious writing definitely has it's place,
but quirky books have always had my heart.

The first author to really write in a way 
that captured my mind was

My fifth grade teacher his stories to us
every day after lunch.

We would lounge on the carpet floor
as he read the pages of 

Each character had an appropriate voice,
the plots left our eleven year old minds begging for more,
and after a few weeks of having these read to me...
 I started checking out these books from the library to take home with me.

From there, I was unstoppable.

Luckily, I'm not the only one who loves his work.

Hollywood does, too.

His books live on in movies and plays that are still being made today...

And those movies have "cool" hollywood stars... 
like Danny DeVito, George Clooney, & Johnny Depp}

And the sweetest legacy Roald Dahl may have left is
all the Willy Wonka Candy...

because honestly,
who can argue that the world isn't a better place
with gobstoppers & nerds?