Monday Mood: I feel... enchanted.

The Royal Wedding was this weekend,
and as you probably know, I was there.

(It was SO fun getting to tweet with you all through the morning!)

Two friends and I went to London the night,
chummed around with all the campers in the Mall,
and revelled in the electric atmosphere pulsing through London.

campers outside Westminster Abbey on Thursday

NBC's set up in Trafalgar Square

I met my "Will!"

It felt like Christmas Eve,
but even bigger-
 because you knew this would only happen once.

On Friday morning, we camped out in spaces right below the press box
(directly under The Today Show)
and about 100 feet from Westminster's Abbey Doors.

our view... perfect.

It was crowded, it was exhausting, and really dirty...
but getting to see Kate as she looked at the crowd 
(well, as she looked at "us!")
is something that I will honestly never forget.

In fact, I may never be able to tell it without getting emotional. 
There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Then watching the couple load up in their carriage
and start their ride into "Happily Ever After,"
 I can only describe as a surreal moment.

And I have so much more to say, 
but am waiting to get my "real" pictures from my friend
before I do a more thorough review/detailing of what & who we saw in London
(not everyone uses an iPhone to document their life)...
but in the meantime can I just show you these snaps from my phone?

the four of us... bright and early at 5 am!

Living as an American is a great privilege, but to be honest...
being in the middle of such an amazing moment in history
kinda made me wish our ancestors couldn't have left on better terms 
 during the Revolutionary War.

It's not hard to see why Brits were feeling so patriotic on Friday.

It was a great day!

... Oh, and what could have added to this amazing day of British fabulousness?...

(Besides getting to see Posh & Becks pull up next to us in their Rolls?Which happened!)

Winning this J Lhuillier Union Jack clutch!

It's perfect, isn't it??

I'm thrilled to have won the giveaway
for this hand beaded beauty.

Icing on the (wedding) cake!