Black to Basics

If you're a wanderlust like myself
(which I'm glad to know many of you are!)...
your eyes are always peeled for great finds
that can accompany you on future trips.

Versatile, basic pieces 
that are easy to pack...
while packing some punch.

(Because who doesn't want to look cute in your trip pictures?)

I seem to default to black.

Especially if it's a well-made piece,
it flatters me more than that one guy from your college math class,
and it didn't cost more than my flight.

{Well... unless, I'm flying RyanAir.}

marc jacobs laptop case ($198) | ysl mascara in noir ($35)
onyx earrings ($175) | philosophy body emulsion ($41)
ysl sandals ($414)... ok, these are a bit pricey. | splendid maxi tube skirt ($81)