Four Sale- English Summer

Well, I did the last Four Sale a while ago...
and it took me forever to ship them.

All the packages are all finally off & in safe hands,
but I will say- 
the shipping on these sales is the hardest part.

First of all, I'm never home!

Second of all, the packaging is surprising expensive,
and I was trying to mail them as cheap as possible to keep the price down.
(Like, $3.50 for packing envelopes? Why can't I find these cheaper here?)

Third, I don't have a car to haul all the packages to the post office,
so it requires multiple runs on foot carrying them. 
(Which obviously is a process that is tres chic, mes amis.)

I should change the name of this to "Four Weeks..." 
since that is pretty much how long it has been taken to mail/receive the goods!

But....this time, I got everything ready first....
so all I have to do is address the packages & drop off at the post.

(I'm getting smarter!)

Like always, four of each item are available.

And man, these things go quick...



I loved these, and thought they were a much cheaper alternative to these ($75!) 


Do you use reusable bags? Because you really should.
Not to preach, but it saves sooo many plastic bags!


Scarves are cool. This one is especially cool.
It's huge, oversized, and lights as a feather.

*If you make fun of my rushed/ugly photo editing or  awkward solo shots, I will kill you. (Not really, but I felt really dorky trying to shoot these to show the actual size of each item. Please be kind. :)

**All sales are non-refundable, as I buy items on clearance and can't return them. Please consider carefully.

*** Items are obviously not designer or the highest grade material- however, they are flipping cute. You'll like them. I promise! They are fun pieces to give you some oopmh! :)

**** I include packing materials, conversion, and my cc fee to each item then convert the best I can from there. Not perfect, but still a really great deal!