Visa to India

My husband has to go to India for all of July,
right as I get extremely busy with work in England.

Which would leave me in England all by myself for the month.


My inability to mooch off his adventure was causing a bit of frustration for me,
as I'd been dreaming of delicious food, elephant rides, & cheap massages for quite some time.

Luckily, we figured out a way for me to head there for the tail end of his trip this weekend...
and I had my visa appointment this morning in London.


elephant, shoes, people

As I have waded through the visa & flight planning,
it's pretty clear that I am clueless 
 in planning a vacation to India.

Can you help me?

Have any great tips for elephant farms in Goa?
Know any special people in Agra?
Work for any cool hotel chain in New Delhi?

{Even though India may be relatively cheap, wallet-friendly advice is especially welcome...}