Why, Yellow.

During rush hour in London,
free news papers are handed out to commuters
as you walk into the Tube.

In the morning, you get the Metro.
In the evening, you get the Evening Standard.

(The latter being my favorite of the two.)

Last night, somewhere along the Bakerloo line,
I saw an article in which the writer credited 
Keira Knightley wearing a yellow skirt 
because she had been inspired by...
The Queen?

 I giggled to myself through the whole piece.

While I'm not sure the Queen was aiming to become a fashion muse 
when she chose her cheery wedding wear earlier this spring...

... or that she can claim all the credit for this shade's inevitable moment in the spotlight....

it is hard to deny:

this summer is yellow's turn under the sun.

ASOS shift dress | ilahandbag dandelion clutch | anthropologie skirt
suede bootie | essie nail lacquer | the great gatsby | kate spade tipsy flats

Start out in small strides with this dangerously fun color.
Try a bag, sandals, or nail polish to figure out which shade works best with your skin tone.

Some beginner's basics for wearing yellow:
 fairer skins, stick to butter & canary yellows.
olive & darker skins, try a brighter shade like neon yellow.