One Fish, Two Fish...

Yesterday I posted about poolside pedicures.
Today, I'll continue that thread
by introducing you to the newest "thing" here in the UK:

fish pedicures.

Have you seen these?

These "pedicures" claim to be from Asia
(though as I've never been, I can't speak with authority),
and instead of soaking your toes in bubbles and sea salt-
your feet go into a clear tank 
(also known as "aquariums")
where a hundred or so tiny little fish 
are waiting to meet... and eat them.

Yes, these baby fish EAT the dead skin off your feet.

After 10 or 20 minutes 
(depending on how long you purchased),
you're feet are "done" and have been rid of callouses and are baby soft.

No further treatments given...
no nail trimming or polishing,
no ten-minute massage. 


I asked one girl, who was getting her feet feasted on, how it felt:
"It kinda tickles. Not too bad after a while, but it just kind of feels weird."

I would imagine.

These "shops" are in every mall atrium,
popping up in ever vacant retail store available,
unabashedly littering my Groupon emails,
and even getting floor space in prime stores like Top Shop on Oxford Street.

(I did buy one off Groupon. I'll let you know how it goes when I go!)

The whole phenomenon is a bit remniscent of the
frozen yogurt trend that happened in the states in 2009.

Sadly, the "Yogurt Splash," "Ling's Yogurt Lounge," & "Yogilicous" are now gone...
but honestly, how much frozen yogurt did anyone expect us to consume to support so many shops?

So call me a prophet, if you'd like,
but I would like to predict that two years from now,
these feet feasting fishies will be gone...
and we will all have returned to our normal routine
of spa chairs, calf massages, & polish.

(As one friend noted: I hope the sushi industry doesn't start soaring...)

Have you ever had one of these pedicures? 
Tell me about it!
If not, would you give it a try?