Make Your Life Better.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm a little bossy.

Eat this.
Go here.
Try this.
Do that.

I mean, I just get really passionate about certain things
(like milkshakes & sequined dresses)
and can't stand to think that your life might be happening without them.

I know how much your blog posts have changed my life
(yeah, I'm talking about your cinnamon rolls, Pioneer Woman)...
so hopefully- 
the feeling is mutual.

If you're okay with getting pushed around a bit more,
then here are few things,
 that in my humble opinion...
might change your life for the better.

We have already discussed the coolness of maps,
but this map would be, like, the head cheerleader of all the other maps.

If maps are this wanderlust's porn,
then scratching off each country after visiting
 is my own version of strip poker. 

Chunky Monkey? Made by moi? Cheaper? Healthier? Done.

Seriously. It's already in my freezer.
 Now go put some in yours.

Last night I went to see Much Ado About Nothing at The Globe

It was a perfect night under the London summer sky, the cast was amazing,
and for £5 tickets to stand... I was feeling happy. 

("Geoffrey" from Fresh Prince of Bel Air was Leonato. Ah!)

Afterwards as I walked across the Millenium Bridge 
with St. Pauls sitting grandly before me
and Shakespeare floating through my head,  
the moment was so beautiful...
I felt overwhelmed with how beautiful life was. 

(And I got really excited about our move to London.)


I'm sure many of you know about Warby Parker by now,
but if you don't: think of Tom's Shoes... but for eyewear.

For $95, you get some kicking glasses (with prescriptions!)...
and so will someone in need. 

Pretty cool, eh?