Monday Mood: I feel... sentimental.

Today I'm leaving for India-
which marks the beginning of a big adventure,
but also closes a significant chapter in our book.

Our Oxford flat is now bare bones.

Our closets are mostly empty,
our fridge only has the a few, neglected abandoned condiments.

The rest  is just sitting for movers to take
and move into London when we return.

While it's terribly exciting to think
about all the things we will see over the next month
as we explore India & Tuscany,
it's really sad to think of what we won't be seeing again
after that point.

We will return knowing that "home" just won't be the same.

I've been spending moments with friends,
looking up at the architecture as I walk to town,
and honestly, feeling really sad.

It's hard to move on 
when you are in a place that is just so good.

How do you give up what you know to be good
and take that risk into what might turn out to be any less?

It's hard, it's scary, it's exciting...
but either way,
it's been worth it.

This year in Oxford has been life changing for us.

I can't believe we got to be a part of something so wonderful,
and I know in later years,
I'll really miss this special time in our lives.

But excuse me for being a sap,
but these are few things 
that I'm not ready to leave.

the formal college dinners

hilariously epic nights with the MBA programme

a home that oozes with culture.
 shakespeare in the quod of the bodelian library?  just everyday life here in oxford!

i'll really miss this: hanging out and enjoying time with our friends.  we love you all!

getting to use amazing facilities for everyday events...
 this oxford building might look familiar... its the infirmary on harry potter!

having a schedule that has allowed to us to travel our faces off... and fall more in love!

But what will break my heart whenever I see pictures of it?
This place. The Radcliffe Camera...
 it's my favorite. 

On the bright side...
I think London is going to look really good
on this Aspiring Kennedy.

*all images are original to Aspiring Kennedy