Monday Moods: I feel... social(ized).

Back home in the states,
Obama's health care reform is a big deal.

A lot is changing, a lot is discussed,
& a lot of comparisons have been made.

Now this Aspiring Kennedy
is actually a Texan by birth.

My forefathers would have more likely voted for Nixon than JFK...
and the changes threatening the quality of our privatized health care 
can be a touchy subject down in those parts.

But these days,
 I live in England.

And as a resident of this fine island,
I participate in NHS for my British-based medical issues.

I've been to the doctor twice.
I've had friends have babies here.
I've seen friends experience emergency situations here.

I hope this doesn't ignite political fights or banter
(because I don't really have an opinion on which is "better"),
but can just provide you a glimpse of the NHS experience here in the UK.

While it's definitely not the same sterile setting 
as the medical centers back in the States,
you do get the care you need.

And the best part-
no copay, no hassles, no nothing.

Everything is completely free.

And prescriptions?

While the experience is definitely different in setting & protocol,
the basic routine/exam/consult was pretty standard to what I've had back in the US.

I left happy...
and with two sore arms from my vaccines.

{or "jabs" as my nurse called them.}

So take a peek into my visit to the Doctor
for my pre-travel shots & consult that I had this morning...
and you can imagine how you might feel being a part of socialized health reform.

Forget parking garages & medical complexes.... medical centers here are typically in converted houses.

Feeling right at home (?)

Reception. No forms, copay, etc. Just give your name and head to the waiting room.

Well, I feel less nervous about those horror stories of "overcrowded waiting rooms." 

Magazines in the fireplace.

Hey- they have outdated magazines to read while you wait in England, too!

Most people meet with the nurse, unless she moves you on to the Doctor.
Painful shots are, apparently, universal.

Paperwork is done in the exam room.

This crappy door did make me laugh. Oh well.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy