Why I Love: ASOS

There are some wrongs in the world that are heart-breaking.

The tragedy of Romeo & Juliet.
The short-lived season for girl scout cookies.
The fleeting metabolism of your college years.

And most plaguing to my life-
the love of clothes 
with the budget of a one-income household.

Tragic, no?

I sometimes hate revealing my sources to the masses...
it makes less common what I know of exclusively.

But I figure,
if I don't show you, someone inevitably else will,
...and I need all the favors I can get.

So here we go:

blog world, this is asos.
asos, this is the blog world.

Some of you may have already met, 
but to those who haven't...
you've been missing out.

I kinda think of asos as the clothing equivalent 
to what IKEA is for the home.

dress one | dress two | dress three

Cheap, great design, and straight forward purchasing
on great items for both men & women.

They even offer free shipping to the US & UK...
for delivery & returns!

uptown girl | shop girl | downtown girl

I can find a dress for most anything under $60,
the sales are amazing,
and asos offers every niche size from petit, curve, & maternity.

glitter | ruffle | poof

So go ahead.

Fall in love with asos.

Just remember who introduced you...
and that someday, I'll need the hook-up, too.