A Camelot Wedding: Part 2

Earlier I showed you the pretty wedding
for Meredith & Jackson...
now, on to the reception!

The reception was at 

The giant windows offered a really pretty view of Dallas
and the inside glowed with pink!

A few of the highlights:

The PINK wedding cake.
It's hard to tell it's pink in the pictures,
but I loved the subtle color change. 
And holy moly... was it tall!

The long center table.
So french. So fancy. 
Such an interesting twist 
on the standard table plan.

Warm Cookies & Mini Bottles of Milk
Midnight snack anyone?

If the pink doesn't leave you feeling all girly and gushy,
just look at how much Meredith & Jackson are into each other.

They were putting the whole wedding crowd in a good mood
just by watching them have so much fun together.

my mom is amazing. no wedding planner... all done by her!

back-lit bar with the couple's monogram. swanky!
marc toussaint is amazing. if you're in dallas, use him! he's the best.

the good news is: it looks like the like each other.

warm chocolate chip/lemon ricotta cookies.
plain, chocolate, or strawberry milk? you pick. (love the mini glass bottles + monograms!)

this picture is fantastic.

my grammy was an east texas beauty queen in the 1940's. i think she's still got it.

french garden fountain? why not.
the {other} happy couple.