Sick Day Essentials

My mom & dad were here in Italy 
with us last week,
it was great.

We were really sad to see them go,
but were even sadder to hear
that they both caught pneumonia on the flight home.

I would call that a "worst case scenario."

They have been sick for so long,
and are hopefully now on the mend.

So while they are both homebound,
here is my guide to getting better
and trying to keep some sanity.

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I hope they get well soon...
and if you're feeling under the weather,
same to you!

Remember to take care of your bodies, friends...
because being sick is sooo not fun.

Get that extra hour of sleep instead of blogging,
wash your hands throughout the day (airports & planes are germ farms),
stay hydrated (especially if you are flying)
& eat healthy  food that helps your body fight off the junk!