First Day of School

Today I went back to school...
not as a student,
but to teach.

I started off the class,
went rolling through my material,
and when I was about 75% finished with my lesson
I checked the time...

It was 8:07 am.

I had been teaching for seven minutes.

It was time to slow down & pace myself...
and, luckily, I did.

The rest of the class went fine & was actually very fun...

Though I'm sure all the veteran teachers that read this
could school my efforts... Teach me your ways!

While getting up at 6 was the opposite of enjoyable,
I had forgotten my pleasure in constructing an outfit
for the first day of school.

So here is what I wore.

Like, literally.

I somehow managed to find every piece on line.

Anthropologie sweater | h&m black jersey shirt | vera wang landyn flats | milly hobo bag | h&m slim trouser | kate spade, twirl

Ok fine,
except the pretty Vera Wang shoes.

I've never seen them except on-line. 

I actually wore leopard mary-jane flats,
but I've had mine too long
and they are extinct from the interwebs.

Going back to school was so much fun.

I kept thinking of "You've Got Mail" and the idea of a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils,
and just in case you love that movie
as much as I do...