Right at Home: Heart Home Magazine

Some days are big days in your life.

Some days aren't.

Today was the former-
with the launch of the UK's first shelter e-zine,
also brings the debut of my new column!

I'll be joining the ranks of some very talented Brits
who are brilliantly exploring the balance of
the modern design & traditional English decor
that England such the hotspot for design.

The Masterminds: Carole,  Daniel, & Arianna

What will I be talking about?

I'll be penning my diary of daily life in the UK...
as I see it.

In the home.

On the high street.

At the dinner table.

All the quirky and wonderful oddities 
that make life in England the unique place it is.

So brew yourself a cuppa
(that means "cup of tea," by the way),
grab a comfy blanket,
and settle in to read the enormously, cozy, premier issue of

(And make sure to stop by page 40!)