What I Miss.

I'm a little hungry still after dinner.

I ruined my dinner by scarfing down 
a (third) macaron
that was headed to be thrown away
around five this evening.

{Real classy, I know.}

A few hours later, my stomach is ready for round two...

...or was it three?

Our cabinets are pretty bare bones at the moment,
and in my state of dismal hunger
(read: dramatic)
I'm hallucinating that some of my
favorite American staples were lining the shelves...
especially these bad boys.

Back in my Dallas days,
my friend Kellee & I would plow
through one of these bags without regret
while our husbands chatted late into the night
on everything from Seinfeld 
to men that wear tight pearl snap shirts 
with dragons on them.

I'd take a bag of these
& my friend to hang out with me.

What would be the perfect addition to your day?