Four Sale- Parisian Flats!

Here they are...
now available to the first four readers who want them.

{These puppies are what Pinterest dreams are made of.}

I have one pair of 37's (UK 4, US 6) 


.... one pair of 38's (UK 5/ US 7)


... one pair of 39's (UK 6/ US 8)


& one pair of 40's (UK 7/ US 9)


From my experience:
I typically wear a 9.5 and the 40 fits me great... 

These are, obviously, horrible iPhone images. Please refer to the photos above for accurate color matching.

The shoes are £15.

{This covers the price of the shoe & the shipping materials.}

Email me with any questions.

*Please consider these carefully before purchasing, as I can not issue refunds. 
**Also, please remember, I am promising these shoes to be adorable- not built by master Italian cobblers. Please don't buy these if you are looking for an investment item for your closet. They are only £15, after all.
*** If you've purchased a FOUR SALE item, and have not received it- PLEASE email me,  
I would like to make right any items that have been lost via the post.