Friday Faces: Piper from One Sydney Road

I'm not sure many of us would be telling the truth 
if we said we didn't blog in hopes of turning the hobby 
into a full-time, lucratively-paying job.

When I got into blogging a little over a year ago, 
it was right as Piper was starting to shift her career 
from the corporate world to the online world. 

Soon after we "met" blogging, 
Piper quit her job & started the online boutique, One Sydney Road
A year later, the shop is doing great- 
and I'm still as impressed as I watch her dreams grow into a reality. 

Not only did I love getting to know more about a blogger I've interacted with for so long, but after reading Piper's comments, 
I realized that Piper is a great resource & inspiration 
for any of us wanting to take our little websites & dreams...
and turn them into an income.

I'm Piper Toth and I enjoy walking in the rain & pina coladas...
oh wait, that might be for something else.

I live in a neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio called West Park 
with my husband & 2 dogs in an old colonial house that, 
and this is putting it nicely, 
"needs a bit of work!"

I actually took the big leap one year ago, 
quit my corporate-made-my-skin-crawl job and went after my dream!  

I started my online boutique, one sydney road, just about a year ago
 and having been working days, nights & weekends since.  
It's definitely a labor of love and a learning experience everyday... 
but I wouldn't trade it in for anything! 

Blogging has quickly become one of my passions. 
 I started blogging to just catalog things I found reading magazines or trolling the internet.  But I quickly became absorbed in the amazing blog community out there. 
 It's hard to believe that I've actually met and become friends 
with people I met through blogging!  

I wish I had more time to blog
 - but I have to confess that I use it as a way to procrastinate - 
instead of working on something challenging for the store, 
I'll end up blogging!

I tend to move around the house when I work! 
 But I typically blog from my desk - it has a great view of our street and our yard 
and with the window open in summer, it's very inspiring 
(or distracting, depending on how the day is going!)


Either in the morning when I'm feeling fresh & excited (and I have my cup of coffee!)  
Or in the evening when I'm feeling creative (or wanting to get inspired)

I don't know if it suits me, 
but my favorite outfit would be shorts or jeans, a tee & sandals or flip flops.  
Nice & easy & still chic.  
In Cleveland though, I only get a few months of that!

Honestly, I think it's how welcoming and supportive other bloggers have been... 
and that friendships have formed.  
When I was working on starting my business, 
I couldn't believe how supportive people were - 
and how they cared about my story and encouraged me!  

Someplace where it's warm all year!  
But seriously I would love to be growing my business, traveling more 
and if I'm dreaming, 
having my husband be able to quit his job so we can work together.  
That would be the ultimate dream!

Well, it's not a surprise that my husband & I love music -
 but you may be surprised to know that we have over 1500 CDs
 that take up almost an entire wall in our living room!
  I'm hoping I can get my hubby to go all the way digital! 

 It's a work in progress :)