Like A Dream

I may have been in Paris this weekend,
but I still haven't gotten out of the fog.

I'm on post-vacation hangover...
everything still seems lit in the soft glow
of the most beautiful city in the world,

Paris is dreamy.

we rented this apartment through my favorite travel resource, airbnb

Paris is especially dreamy in the fall....

The city glows with soft bright colors
and offers carpets of crunchy leaves.

What also makes Paris sublime?

Well, the food does.

Like this salad from the neighborhood favourite, 7 Bis Monceau.
in the 8th arrondissment.

A huge bed of lightly dressed leaves,
crowned with sesame-crusted goat cheese, lightly fried,
and practically tear-inducing...

And of course,
 the falafels from the famous Marais stand,

Oh my goodness. 

Five euros for a handful of goodness.

{Just trust me on this one.}

But this weekend particularly felt like a dream
because I was there with three people I really love...

I must say...
the City of Love was the perfect setting
for our little rendez-vous.

I'll drift out of the fog soon enough...
but in the meantime,
I'm recreating the dream 
through hot mustard and flaky pastries.

{At least, the best I can find on this side of the channel.}